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Stem Cell Therapy Orlando

When you need help or pain relief, Peak Health is your answer. Top performing Stem Cell Therapy Orlando. And our Chiropractor, Orthopedic Doctor & Sports Medicine Specialists are here to help restore you to new.

We welcome you to our patient-centric stem cell therapy Orlando office. Here we offer the best chiropractic, orthopedic care, regenerative medicine treatments and the most up to date stem cell therapy in all of Orlando. All our doctors, including our highly skilled orthopedic and sports medicine doctors, treat their patients with a the same patient-first mindset. This involves following a non-surgical approach to treat all your ailments and the same level of care we’d want our own families to experience. We offer a variety of methods including stem cell therapy, prolotherapy, and chiropractic care, which help us to effectively deal with numerous disorders.


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We are your best resource for care. when you are dealing with the following injuries:

  • Stem Cell Therapy Orlando

  • Prolotherapy 

  • Knee & Back Pain

  • Joint Pain

  • Neuropathy

  • Car Accident Injuries

  • Nerve Damage

  • Chronic Back Pain

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Sciatica


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Stem Cell Therapy Orlando

Our most requested service at our Orlando Chiropractor office is stem cell therapy. Our doctors and nurse practitioners utilize the most cutting edge technology in this non-invasive for of treatment. Stem Cell Therapy treats a variety of conditions and new science comes out daily about the benefits of this modality of care. This method involves regenerative injection techniques where stem cells from amniotic tissues are infused into the damaged joint. This therapy is safe and promotes long-term healing. It offers beneficial effects that are not achievable by any other ordinary injection therapy. We offer the best stem cell therapy, helping to restore the damaged tissue naturally and providing permanent relief from the pain.

As a 5 star reviewed clinic, many of our patients have benefited from our stem cell treatment plan, while benefiting from our robust non surgical treatment options.



Whether you are suffering from knee/back pain, neck issues or feeling pain in any part of your body, we are here to soothe you with our least invasive treatments. Our skilled team are adept at treating and diagnosing a wide range of injuries and spine related issues including (but not limited to), car accident injuries, nerve damage, neuropathy or chronic back pain.

If you are experiencing chronic pain due to an injury or spine disorder, our chiropractors in Orlando will help you to reduce the pain and treat your issues in a non-invasive way. Peak Health is the best place for care because our team examines the body as a whole and creates a treatment plan for the entire body.

Knee pain, for instance, may be related to arthritis or bursitis, causing severe pain. Then, to compensate for the knee pain, a patient may walk differently, causing a compensation injury to the hip. So, chiropractic adjustment in addition to prolotherapy could be the best course of treatment for this example client. To relieve our patients from pain and promote healing, we start first with non-surgical, highly effective methods of treatment.


Sports Chiropractic

Our highly skilled doctors are capable of handling any type of sports injury. If you are feeling a minor or chronic pain after a sports activity, the best option is to seek sports chiropractic care. Our team will help you to relieve the pain and accelerate the healing process.


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Orthopedic Doctor

Our Orthopedic doctor assists clients through diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders associated with the bones, ligaments, muscles, joints, and tendons. Our Orthopedic doctors carefully examine the improvement during all phases of the treatment. If, unfortunately, we are not getting the desired results, then we think about the next course of action.


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Sports Medicine Doctor

Sports injuries may get worse if left untreated. These injuries often lead to various other issues but begin in the form of injuries including muscular sprains, strains, or tears. We advise seeing a doctor if you are feeling discomfort or pain in any part of your body. Since we are well-respected in the field of sports injury treatment, we recommend consulting with our Peak Health team of sports medicine doctor for complete diagnosis and further treatment options.


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At Peak Health, we analyze the extent of damage and look for treatments that are result oriented while being less invasive than mainstream surgical options. One of these treatments is Prolotherapy, which is a non-surgical and effective method for treating anything from lower back pain to joint or neck pain. The Prolotherapy solution is composed of natural substances which are injected into the required areas to promote healing.


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Auto Accident Doctor

Our auto accident doctors completely examine the patients to rule out any major issues including musculoskeletal injury, neurological damage, and other effects of trauma. Car accidents may cause delayed pain, whiplash or chronic injuries, requiring immediate treatment by an auto accident doctor. Left untreated, injuries contribute to early onset arthritis as well as other long lasting health challenges. Our chiropractic Orlando team at Peak Health, which  also has a location in Kissimee, works extensively with auto accident injury victims to both restore their current health and make sure that they’re back in alignment for long term health.


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